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Ahh, social media. So many are afraid, confused, or completely bewildered when it comes to managing their social media accounts. Have no fear though! I have had many clients come to me not wanting to pay for a social media strategist, so they want to know how they can do it themselves. Today’s online landscape requires more than just a great website and print ad. Social media allows you to reach new customers, develop a loyal audience, and build your brand identity… And all for almost little to nothing. Here are 5 reasons why you should manage your brand’s social media:

Being yourself promotes organic growth

Let’s be honest here. You can buy thousands of followers (aka “ghost followers) on social media sites. There are many cons to that tactic, but the premise behind it is that more followers means more people will follow you. This however is an illusion that most people will quickly recognize. You want to grow your audience organically (which takes time), but you will develop people who stand by, share, and interact with your brand. Those nuances of who you are will make your brand more relatable and adds a human element to your content.

Launch your new product, service, or location on a limited budget

With the integration of advertising into social media platforms, your B2C efforts can be measured, evaluated, and improved easily. You can hone in on your target demographic and show them what you have to offer. You can designate what your end result is and craft a campaign around that. While you should talk with a professional about developing a strategic campaign, you can implement it yourself in most cases.

Your social media strategist may be in your office right now

When you need social media but are too busy to manage it yourself, you have to utilize what is already at your disposal. Have an office assistant that needs more to do than answer phone calls, an intern that you’re looking to make full-time, or a hands-on employee that is dedicated to your business? They could be your in-house social media strategist with a little coaching and guidance.

Reach your business to business demographic

Have you ever wondered what attracted a “difficult” client to your business? How can you appeal to a higher income audience? Well, your online presence is a total package. Your brand’s look from website to social media accounts to ads should be in sync. If you want to attract big fish, you must have quality bait. Social media allows other businesses to see who you’ve worked with, your company culture, and your portfolio all simplified in each platform.

There are many tools that can make managing your own social media streamlined

If you aren’t familiar yet, google “Hootsuite”. It is one of many programs that allows you to schedule posts across many social media platforms. There are many tips and tricks to using apps to manage your accounts and make them unique to your brand. We teach you how to use these tools for optimal results.

Introducing our latest service: Social Media Coaching. Our one hour sessions offer one-on-one coaching with a brand strategist to narrow down which platforms you should be using, how to use them effectively, and how to grow your following. We tailor your sessions to your level of expertise or need based on our introductory audit. Send us a message telling us your needs, and let’s get started!

Post by Justice Dilworth

Justice Dilworth is a positive-thinking powerhouse, idea-generating dynamo and founder of Savannah-based Plug In Brand Management. Her background in PR, Advertising, and Social Media have come together to materialize her dream to help other businesses as an entrepreneur.

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